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We have been designing and producing sustainable fashion under the Olcay Krafft fashion label for over 30 years. We pay attention to sustainability right from the start. The quality and origin of our fabrics has always played an important role for us. Fair and environmentally friendly production is just as important to us as the satisfactin of our customers. With the fashion label AvantgardeGreen we have gone one step further. Every unique piece of clothing that carries this label is made exclusively with certified materials. This is how we ensure the sustainability and quality of our clothing.


Our vision is to be our customers' first choice for unique, durable and creative fashion that has been created with respect for nature, animals and people.


We manufacture clothing with high quality standards, showing that sustainable fashion can be uncompromisingly elegant, extravagant and beautiful. We use our reach to inspire others to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and are actively driving change in the fashion industry.


Our fashion is cruelty-free, avoids pollution and other exploitation. 


We lovingly handcraft every piece of clothing in our Cologne studio.


Our designs are tailored to our customers. No wish remains unfulfilled here, whether it is a finished favorite piece or a custom-made product.


We pay great attention to the quality and sustainability of the materials used. At AvantgardeGreen these are also certified!

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